Probate Genealogy - FAQ's 

Who can claim an inheritance if a person dies without a will?

The deceased's spouse, civil partner, children of the deceased or blood relatives who descended from a grandparent of the deceased. 


Who is the Administrator and what do they do?

The Administrator can be the Claimant, a family member, a solicitor, or any other trustworthy person over the age of 18 who is acceptable to the beneficiaries.  The Administrator is responsible for lawfully distributing the estate in accordance with Section 46 of the Administration of Estates Act 1925.


Can you give me the names and addresses of the other members of my family you have found?

If you would like, I am happy to forward your details to other members of the family, but to comply with the Data Protection Act I cannot give you their contact details without their permission.


Why can’t you divulge the name of the deceased?

It will have taken time and some expense to find the rightful next of kin and so to safe guard my fees (which are only recovered if I successfully prove the claims of those next of kin) I reserve the right not to identify the deceased until I have contracts from all potential heirs.


Can I put forward my own claim to the estate?

Yes, you have every right to put forward your own claim, providing you can produce the relevant proofs to satisfy the administrator.  Proving your own claim however, can often be difficult, expensive and a lengthy process.  If you decide to administer the estate yourself you have to ensure that you trace all beneficiaries and not just yourself.  I will carry out all the research and ancillary work necessary in order to ensure a speedy, efficient and accurate claim.


Why can’t you tell me the value of the estate?

I do not have this information made available to me.  The Treasury Solicitor has to comply with the Money Laundering Act 2007, which means they cannot divulge the value of the estate to anyone who cannot prove they have a legal claim.  In many of the cases I research, I do not have a predetermined estate value and therefore bear risks in whether I will cover all of my expenses.


New enquiries

Unfortunately due to my current heavy workload I am unable to take on work for new clients until August

2019.  If however, you would like to discuss your research plan and reserve a slot from this date then please contact me.

Please see updated Privacy Policy (June 2018)



Sue managed to provide us with more information on our family when our search came to a standstill. Fantastic, insightful and suprising results.  Thank you for all of your help.  L.B.

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