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Where to start


Always start with the information you know already:

  • Do you have a date, name and place - start with yourself if you do not know about other members of your family.
  • Talk to other family members and make a note of the information distinguishing between facts and stories.
  • Collect together any documentation or artifacts that you or your family have.

Decide what you want to know about your family, for example:

  • Who was your great great great grandmother?
  • Where are your cousins living now?
  • Was the story about your great grandfather fact or fiction?

Look at the options available from SMR Family Research and decide the one most suited to your needs.  All can be customised depending on your reqirements.

Which service should you choose?

I offer a number of research services which can be tailored to your needs:
  • Family tree packages - if you do not know much about your ancestors and do not know where to start then try one of these packages to find out who your direct ancestors were.
  • Bespoke research - search for specific information, add breadth to your existing family tree or commission an in-depth investigation.  

You may wish to carryout your own ancestral research but need a little help. There are two options available:

  • One-to-one guidance - if you wish to start or continue to trace your family history yourself then this is the service for you.

If you are still unsure of where you wish to start, then I offer a free half-hour consultation service to help you decide which research route is the best for your requirements.


New enquiries

Unfortunately due to my current heavy workload I am unable to take on work for new clients until August

2019.  If however, you would like to discuss your research plan and reserve a slot from this date then please contact me.

Please see updated Privacy Policy (June 2018)



Sue managed to provide us with more information on our family when our search came to a standstill. Fantastic, insightful and suprising results.  Thank you for all of your help.  L.B.

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