Commissioning a family tree package

Before research begins I will need you to send me details of:

  • the individual from where you wish your research to begin
  • what you already know
  • the documents already in your possession
  • any previous research carried out by yourself or others

I will require copies of documents and research.


Before research can begin, I will need you to send me:

  • signed acceptance of research proposal (full terms and conditions included)
  • a 50% deposit

During the research project, I will:

  • provide you with regular updates
  • inform you of any unexpected delays.

Upon completion and payment of balance, you will receive a written report as described under the family tree package description.


Please remember, your family history is as individual as you and finding relevant information cannot be guaranteed. If research produces negative results these findings will be included in your report to avoid unnecessary duplication in the future and time spent will be included within the presecribed hours of research/report writing allocated to the package. 


New enquiries

Unfortunately due to my current heavy workload I am unable to take on work for new clients until August

2019.  If however, you would like to discuss your research plan and reserve a slot from this date then please contact me.

Please see updated Privacy Policy (June 2018)



Sue managed to provide us with more information on our family when our search came to a standstill. Fantastic, insightful and suprising results.  Thank you for all of your help.  L.B.

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